Ali Craig

No matter what size or field a client comes from- the story has always been the foundation. Because it is our stories that run us. It is our clients' stories that make them choose us. And the stories that we create and live for our lives that give us the soul filled success we desire.

Now, Ali Craig is taking her years of experience and helping the tidal wave of Soul Seeker Entrepreneurs who have great passion, but have weak stories that do not create the life, business, or impact their soul desires.


Here at Girl With Drive Press™ we understand that your message needs to be birthed into the world with elegance, accolades and speed. Our boutique publishing process is designed for entrepreneurial and thought leaders who's passions need a little push, press, and some publishing know how. 

Our 8 month publication process is designed to maximize creation, design, marketing, and media for our author's advantage. We offer creative, branding, marketing, and media support throughout the entire process and beyond.

Our authors receive all-inclusive services such as:



  • Neuro Human Branding™ Book Strategy

  • Marketing Strategy Your Business

  • Personal Marketing Strategy For You As An Author

  • Digital and In-Person Book Tour Strategy

  • Social Media and Influence Marketing Campaign Strategy

  • Pre-Sale and Book Sale Strategy



  • Book Outline Reviewed

  • Creation Check-Ins Throughout the Process

  • Professionally Edited Manuscript


  • Private Branding Consultation

  • Opt-In / Promotion Strategy and Wording

  • Co-Creation of Book Giveaways

  • Author Photo and Video shoot with Professional and Makeup

  • Professional Photo and Video shoot Production

  • Style Session with Stacey Laniox



  • Professionally Book Layout For Hardback and Softback Books

  • Cover Design For Both Book Styles

  • Book Tour Collateral Designed

  • Professionally Designed Media One Sheet

  • Girl With Drive Press Author Page

  • Book Website Created And Launched

  • Opt-In Site Created and Launched for Products

  • Social Media Content and Shareables Created For You


  • Social Media Campaign Launched and Managed

  • Digital and In-Person Book Tour Planned, Coordinated, and Managed

  • Social Media Share Campaign

  • Social Media Promotion From GWDP and Our Sister Companies

  • Amazon Author Page Created For You



  • Press Releases To Announce Being a GWDP Author, Book Launch, and Media Hits

  • Digital and Print Galley Copies for Press

  • Professional Media Team Actively Pitching You and Your Book

  • Press Campaign Created and Executed

  • Private Media Prep Class

  • Style Session with Stacey Laniox For Your Media Tour

For all the Passion Driven, Loved Fueled, Legacy Seeking, Impact Focused, Relationship Loving, Fearlessly Optimistic, Success Bound who know that age, race, religion, or person’s perception can stop them from sharing the greatness that lies within.
— The Girl With Drive Mantra